В Вашей корзине 0 товаров на сумму 0 rub. Минимальная сумма для оформления заказа 5000 руб.
Обратный звонок
8 (800) 222-430-2
Минимальная сумма заказа — 5 000 рублей

Payment terms

We offer several payment options for orders. You can choose the most convenient one.

For the new customers, the first two orders are to be carried out exclusively on a full prepayment basis. For further cooperation this restriction can be removed.

Payment options

Cash payment

Orders can be paid in cash in 2 cases:

Please check carefully the integrity and completeness of the goods upon receipt as well as the availability of the payment receipt with your order.

In case of refusal or partial refusal to accept good-quality goods, the delivery costs (including delivery of the goods back to the warehouse), are not to be refunded to the customer according to Art. 26.1 of “Consumer Right Protection Law”.

Wire transfer

Please note: a wire transfer is possible only for orders over 5000 rubles. Shipment is carried out after crediting of funds to our account.

Payment details:

Legal address 192241, St. Petersburg, Sofiyskaya str. 54, lit. A, office 25H. part of room No. 47
Postal address 192241, St. Petersburg, Sofiyskaya str. 54, lit. A, office 25H. part of room No. 47
Operating account 40702810855000049218
Bank Severo-Zapadny Head Office PAO Sberbank.
Рlease check accurate details with the sales manager before payment.
Correspondent account 30101810500000000653
TIN 7816671292
BIC 044030653
KPP (Reason for Registration Code) 781601001
PSRN 1187847099890

Card payment

You can use Visa / Mastercard / Maestro / MIR plastic cards to pay via the terminal in our office.

For any other questions regarding the payment please contact our managers by calling 8 (800) 222-430-2; 8 (812) 676-888-5, or through .

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