В Вашей корзине 0 товаров на сумму 0 rub. Минимальная сумма для оформления заказа 5000 руб.
Обратный звонок
8 (800) 222-430-2
Минимальная сумма заказа — 5 000 рублей

Cooperation policy

We are open to work with wholesale buyers of any legal form: legal entities (LLC, JSC, PJSC), Individual Entrepreneurs and group purchasing organizations. Deliveries are performed according to the standard terms of cooperation.

Order processing

You can place an order in the most convenient way for you:

Payment terms

Only orders exceeding the minimum order amount of 5,000 rubles, but not less than 3 articles, are accepted for processing.

The invoice is valid within 3 banking days. If funds are not received within this term, the order will be cancelled. Shipment is to be carried out within 2 business days, counting from the date of receipt of the payment.

Delivery terms

There are 3 delivery options:

Delivery costs

Free of charge delivery:

Other cases:

Please pay attention:

Required documents for a contract

«Estet» performs wholesale deliveries solely on the basis of an Agreement with legal entities or Individual Entrepreneurs. To settle a contract, we need a set of documents, including copies of:

Additional documents may be required when necessary.

Submitted documents must be certified by the company seal and signature of an authorized person.

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